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A random selection of shipping passenger lists indexed by our group for ships arriving mainly but not exclusively in the South Island. Passenger lists for the same ship can vary and spelling is discretionary. Be creative with your search and remember that any published list is never the last word. Refer back to the original when at all possible – more information is available there. Included are ships that brought immigrants directly to Timaru:
  • Strathallan 1859
  • Echunga 1862
  • Lancashire Witch 1863
  • Victory 1863
  • Merope 1875
  • Warwick 187
Please be aware that the Master Index has separated family groups that might help with your research. Use this as a guide and Google the passenger list for the ship concerned.
RefShip name & datepassengersImage
1MASTER SHIPPING DATABASEmaster shipping databasenone
2MASTER SHIPPING LISTmaster shipping listnone
3ACCRINGTON - 1863accrington 1863 accrington
4AGAMEMNON - 1872agamemnon 1872agamemnon
5AIREDALE - 1859airedale 1859airedale 1860
6AJAX - 1849ajax 1849none
7ALASTOR - 1883alastor 1883alastor
8ALHAMBRA - 1874alhambra 1874alhambra
9AMBROSINE - 1860ambrosine 1860none
10AMOOR - 1864amoor 1864amoor amoor
11ANTARES - 1878antares 1878antares
12APELLES - 1874apelles 1874appeles
13ARAUCA - 1883arauca 1883arauca
14ARAWA - 1884arawa 1884arawa
15ARAWATA - 1880arawata 1880arawata
16ASHBURTON - 1859ashburton 1859ashburton
17ASHMORE - 1854ashmore 1854ashmore
18ATRATO - 1874atrato 1874ss atrato
19AUCKLAND - 1883auckland 1883auckland
20AVALANCHE - 1863avalanche 1863avalanche
21BAHIA - 1863bahia 1863none
22BALAKLAVA - 1864balaklava 1864none
23BALLOCHMYLE - 1874ballochmyle 1874ballochmyle ballochmyle2
24BALNAGUITH - 1854balnaguith 1854none
25BANGALORE - 1851bangalore 1851none
26BEBINGTON - 1879bebington 1879none
27BELLISSIMA - 1857bellissima 1857none
28BELLISSIMA - 1864bellissima 1864none
29BENAN - 1884benan 1884benan
30BERHAMPORE - 1849berhampore 1849none
31BLAIRGOWRIE - 1875blairgowrie 1875blairgowrie
32BLUE JACKET - 1865blue jacket 1865blue jacket
33BLUE JACKET - 1866blue jacket 1866blue jacket
34BLUE JACKET - 1867blue jacket 1867blue jacket
35BLUE JACKET - 1868blue jacket 1868blue jacket
36BLUNDELL - 1848blundell 1848none
37BOMBAY - 1866bombay 1866bombay 1862
38BOMBAY - 1884bombay 1884bombay
39BOYNE - 1879boyne 1879none
40BRITISH CROWN - 1863british crown 1863none
41BRITISH EMPIRE - 1864british empire 1864british empire british empire
42BRITISH KING - 1883british king 1883british king
43BRITISH QUEEN - 1883british queen 1883british queen
44BRODICK CASTLE - 1876brodick castle 1876brodick castle
45BROTHERS PRIDE - 1863brothers pride 1863brothers pride 1863
46BURMAH - 1859burmah 1859none
47CAMEO - 1859cameo 1859none
48CANTERBURY - 1864canterbury 1864canterbury
49CANTERBURY - 1883canterbury 1883canterbury c1875
50CARNATIC - 1875carnatic 1875none
51CAROLINE COVENTRY - 1869caroline coventry 1869none
52CARTSBURN - 1874cartsburn 1874none
53CASHMERE - 1855cashmere 1855none
54CASHMERE - 1859cashmere 1859none
55CHARLOTTE GLADSTONE - 1871charlotte gladstone 1871none
56CHARLOTTE GLADSTONE - 1872charlotte gladstone 1872none
57CHARLOTTE JANE - 1850charlotte jane 1850none
58CHILE - 1879chile 1879chile
59CHRYSOLITE - 1861chrysolite 1861chrysolite
60CHRYSOLITE - 1862chrysolite 1862chrysolite
61CITY OF DUNEDIN - 1876city of dunedin 1876city of dunedin
62CITY OF QUEBEC - 1879city of quebec 1879none
63CITY OF SAN FRANCISCO - 1876city of san francisco 1876none
64CLONTARF - 1859clontarf 1859none
65CLONTARF - 1860clontarf 1860none
66COLEROON - 1868coleroon 1868none
67COLUMBUS - 1878columbus 1878columbus
68COMTE DE PARIS - 1840comte de paris 1840none
69CRESSEY - 1850cressey 1850none
70CRESSWELL - 1859cresswell 1859none
71CRUSADER - 1874crusader 1874crusader
72DAGMAR - 1869dagmar 1869none
73DAVID G FLEMING - 1863david g fleming 1863none
74DERWENTWATER - 1860derwentwater 1860none
75DERWENTWATER - 1861derwentwater 1861none
76DERWENTWATER - 1863derwentwater 1863none
77DERWENTWATER - 1864derwentwater 1864none
78DESDEMONA - 1875desdemona 1875desdemona_1890
79DESDEMONA - 1876desdemona 1876desdemona_1890
80DILHARREE - 1874dilharree 1874none
81DOLPHIN - 1854dolphin 1854none
82DOMINION - 1851dominion 1851none
83DONA ANITA - 1863dona anita 1863none
84DONA ANITA - 1865dona anita 1865none
85DOVER CASTLE - 1872dover castle 1872dover_castle
86DUKE OF BRONTE - 1851duke of bronte 1851none
87DUKE OF EDINBURGH - 1874duke of edinburgh 1874duke_of_edinburgh
88DUKE OF EDINBURGH - 1875duke of edinburgh 1874duke_of_edinburgh_1878
89DUKE OF PORTLAND - 1851duke of portland 1851duke_of_portland_1850
90DUKE OF PORTLAND - 1852duke of portland 1852duke_of_portland
91DUNEDIN - 1883dunedin 1883dunedin
92EASTERN EMPIRE - 1865eastern empire 1865none
93ECHUNGA - 1862echunga 1862none
94EDEN - 1850eden 1850none
95EDWIN FOX - 1873edwin fox 1873none
96EDWIN FOX - 1880edwin fox 1880none
97EGMONT - 1856egmont 1856none
98ELIZABETH GRAHAM - 1874elizabeth graham 1874none
99EPSOM - 1863epsom 1863none
100EUTERPE - 1876euterpe 1876none
101EVENING STAR - 1863evening star 1863none
102FATIMA - 1851fatima 1851none
103GAINSBOROUGH - 1868gainsborough 1868gainsborough
104GANANOQUE - 1860gananoque 1860none
105GLENMARK - 1865glenmark 1865glenmark
106GLENMARK - 1867glenmark 1867glenmark
107GLENMARK - 1868glenmark 1868glenmark
108GLENMARK - 1871glenmark 1871glenmark
109HENRIETTA - 1860henrietta 1860none
110INDIAN EMPIRE - 1883indian empire 1883indian_empire indian_empire_1883
111IONIC - 1883ionic 1883ionic
112ISLES OF THE SOUTH - 1874isles of the south 1874none
113JOHN WICKLIFFE - 1848john wickliffe 1848none
114JOSEPH FLETCHER - 1856 PART 2joseph fletcher 1856 part 2none
115JURA - 1858jura 1858none
116KAIKOURA - 1886kaikoura 1886kaikoura
117KATHERINE STEWART FORBES - 1841katherine stewart forbes 1841none
118KIRKLAND - 1863kirkland 1863none
119LABUAN - 1851labuan 1851none
120LACTURA - 1875lactura 1875none
121LADY EGIDIA - 1861lady egidia 1861lady_egidia 1 lady_egidia_1861
122LADY JOCELYN - 1879lady jocelyn 1879lady_jocelyn
123LADY JOCELYN - 1881lady jocelyn 1881lady_jocelyn
124LADY NUGENT - 1851lady nugent 1851lady_nugent
125LANCASHIRE WITCH - 1863lancashire witch 1863none
126LANCASHIRE WITCH - 1867lancashire witch 1867none
127LANGSTON - 1875langston 1875none
128LEICHARDT - 1866leichardt 1866none
129LIGHT BRIGADE - 1868light brigade 1868light_brigade
130LINCOLN - 1867lincoln 1867none
131LOCH CREE - 1878loch cree 1878none
132LOCH FERGUS - 1883loch fergus 1883none
133LUISTANIA - 1887luistania 1887none
134LURLINE - 1882lurline 1882lurline_1878
135LUTTERWORTH - 1881lutterworth 1881lutterworth
136LYTTELTON - 1873lyttelton 1873lyttelton
137LYTTELTON - 1883lyttelton 1883lyttelton
138MALLOWDALE - 1878mallowdale 1878mallowdale
139MANAPOURI - 1882manapouri 1882none
140MAORI - 1858maori 1858maori
141MAORI - 1870maori 1870maori
142MAORI - 1873maori 1873maori
143MARINER - 1850mariner 1850none
144MARINER - 1859mariner 1859none
145MARLBOROUGH - 1882marlborough 1882none
146MARLBOROUGH - 1883marlborough 1883none
147MARY ANNE - 1859mary anne 1859none
148MARY SHEPHERD - 1873mary shepherd 1873none
149MATAURA - 1881mataura 1881mataura
150MATOAKA - 1860matoaka 1860none
151MATOAKA - 1862matoaka 1862none
152MATOAKA - 1869matoaka 1869none
153MELITA - 1867melita 1867none
154MENNOCK - 1883mennock 1883mennock_1879
155MERCHANTMAN - 1855merchantman 1855none
156MERMAID - 1862mermaid 1862none
157MERMAID - 1864mermaid 1864none
158MERMAID - 1866mermaid 1866none
159MEROPE - 1875merope 1875none
160MINERVA - 1847minerva 1847none
161MONGOLIA - 1883mongolia 1883none
162MYSTERY - 1859mystery 1859mystery
163MYSTERY - 1861mystery 1861mystery
164OCEAN MAIL - 1874ocean mail 1874none
165ORARI - 1876orari 1876none
166ORIENTAL - 1840oriental 1840none
167ORIENTAL QUEEN - 1849oriental queen 1849none
168ORIZABA - 1887orizaba 1887none
169OTAKI - 1877otaki 1877none
170PALMERSTON - 1872palmerston 1872none
171PAREORA - 1883pareora 1883none
172PHILIP LAING - 1848philip laing 1848philip_laing
173PHOEBE DUNBAR - 1850phoebe dunbar 1850none
174POICTIERS - 1850poictiers 1850none
175RAMILLIES - 1847ramillies - 1847none
176RAMSAY - 1870ramsay 1870none
177RANDOLPH - 1850randolph 1850none
178REICHSTAG - 1874reichstag 1874none
179ROBERT HENDERSON - 1858robert henderson 1858robert_henderson
180ROME - 1883rome 1883none
181ROSSDEU - 1883rossdeu 1883none
182SEBASTOPOL - 1861sebastopol 1861none
183SEVILLA - 1859sevilla 1859none
184SILISTRIA - 1860silistria 1860none
185SILISTRIA - 1862silistria 1862none
186SILISTRIA - 1867silistria 1867none
187SIR GEORGE SEYMOUR - 1847sir george seymour 1847none
188SIR GEORGE SEYMOUR - 1850sir george seymour 1850none
189SIR WILLIAM EYRE - 1863sir william eyre 1863none
190STORMCLOUD - 1862stormcloud 1862none
191STRATHALLAN - 1859strathallan 1859strathallan
192TAINUI - 1886tainui 1886tainui
193TARARUA - 1867tararua 1867tararua
194THREE BELLS - 1858three bells 1858none
195TITAN - 1851titan 1851none
196VICTORY - 1863victory 1863victory
197WARWICK - 1879warwick 1879warwick_1867
198WESTMEATH - 1883westmeath 1883none
199WILD DEER - 1874wild deer 1874wild_deer
200WILLIAM BRYAN - 1841william bryan 1841none
201ZEALANDIA - 1858zealandia 1858zealandia

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