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Members' Stories
Here we share with you some of our members' own family stories. Please click on the link and a pdf file will offer itself for download onto your computer where you can read or save for later. Enjoy.
Other Events
May 2022 meeting: St Mary's Church. Members were shown around St Mary's by Murray Gibson. 
  • Church Organ
    Church Organ
  • Flag on display
    Flag on display
  • Group learn about St
    Group learn about St
  • In Memory of George & Nellie Rhodes
    In Memory of George & Nellie Rhodes
  • Inside St Mary's
    Inside St Mary's
  • Murray advises group members
    Murray advises group members
  • Pulpit
Soldiers Headstones: Members work on headstones in conjunction with the Remembrance Army
  • Browne and wife before paint
    Browne and wife before paint
  • CW Browne Grave
    CW Browne Grave
  • Jill Pearce
    Jill Pearce
  • Liz Shea
    Liz Shea

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